Thursday, December 27, 2007

What To Blog About

Over Christmas my mummy asked if she could read my blog. Not that she knew exactly what a blog was. Still, this is a very big step for a woman who just traded in her manual type writer and carbon paper.

Sitting with Mummy while she read Gruppie Girl was a huge ego boost. Every blogger should sit down with their mummy and read their blog together. Did you know that I am "hysterically funny", "my writing has a great pace" and "I really open eyes about environmental issues without being too pushy"? And yes, I am "beautiful." Thanks Mummy!

Maybe I could rent my mummy out to other bloggers to boost their self-esteem. Do I smell a cottage industry?

Now that Mummy knows that I blog and what a blog actually is, she has started to give me suggestions about what to blog.

The first suggestion was to blog about the cute red shoes that I wore of Christmas. Perhaps. I do wear them a lot and therefore I am not being wasteful. Could that be my green slant?

The second suggestion was to blog about Christmas day at my in-law's house. My sister-in-law took an hour and quickly sewed a bunch of fabric gift bags. Hubby's aunt wrapped our gift in the cloth bag that we wrapped her gift in last year. Everyone seemed to be really concerned about the amount of trash that we were creating. Very different from Christmas' past.

Get your thinking cap on kids; My mummy gave me a gift in a cloth angel bag. I gave my mummy-in-law a gift in that same angel bag. She gave a gift to my sister-in-law in the angel bag. And finally, I got the angel bag back this year with a nice gift card tucked inside. If that isn't recycling, then I don't know what is!

I'm looking forward to more blog ideas from my mummy. Be aware that they may be about how wonderful my mummy thinks I am. But isn't that a mummy's job to tell her kids the great stuff?


Jaelithe said...

I keep trying to get my mother to read my blog, but she won't.

I don't know why I want to torment myself by giving her the URL, really. She used to correct the grammar on birthday cards I made for her, for heaven's sake.

Erikka said...

where did you get those cute shoes? i want one! (or two really.)

Erikka said...

and ps. i told my family about my blog too and my mom read it for a while, but she's not consistent with it.