Monday, December 3, 2007

Litigation is NOT Green

Hubby and I are being sued. Again.

We've had a real estate matter linger on for two years. Every day I run to meet Casey the Mailman to see if he has a new update on the matter. The mail really stresses me out. After not hearing anything for the last year I thought that everything was done and gone.

Wrong. I don't think that this will ever end.

Hubby came home early today after being on a business trip. We had a nice, relaxing family day planned. On the drive home, our attorney (who we are easily on a first name basis with) made the call. Court on Wednesday.

I have a theory that litigation is the exact opposite of green.

Besides the obvious examples of the extra driving into the city courthouse and all of that paper and mailing of official-looking documents, there are a few examples that I never thought about until recently.

1. The electricity used when heating my oven to 400 degrees for 65 minutes to heat a blueberry pie that I have been eating all by myself.

2. The 223.1 miles that a delivery truck, spewing emissions, had to drive from the Ben and Jerry's factory in Waterbury, VT to my neighborhood food store in order to deliver my pint of cinnamon bun ice cream. The pint is now gone and I may have to move onto oatmeal cookie dough ice cream soon.

3. The 4 hours of TV that I have watched today so far, it's still early, because I am too depressed and lumpy. That's a lot of electricity used by just one person.

4. All of the negative karma, energy or whatever you want to call it hanging over my house. I'm going to have to be nice to a lot of people to lift this sucker.

I wonder if the kids have any Halloween candy left?...


Erikka said...

even in your frustration you're funny. i hope you can resolve your legal matter in an easy and positive manner.

Gruppie Girl said...

Erikka~ You are a sweetie! I need all of the positive thoughts that I can get right now.