Saturday, December 1, 2007

I Can Smooze Too

Generally I don't get out too much. Really, I'm OK with it. By the time 8:00 rolls around it takes just too much energy to try to coordinate a sitter, find someplace fun to go, come-up with thrilling topics to talk about, stay awake long enough to enjoy the place that is not my house and then finally pay for the entire night. Basically, I just end-up watching reality shows.

In the past month I have been invited to two very exciting, not in my norm, type of events.

First, it was a movie premier. Hubby and I got dressed-up and drove down to New London to a beautiful old movie theater. There was a red carpet, wine and interesting conversations. "Inclusions" is a dark comedy with a "Sweeney Todd" flair. The movie was written and filmed in Connecticut. Two thumbs up!

Last Thursday a fellow blogger and friend (should I mention her real name?) invited me to Hartford to the launch party of a new magazine. "AllGreen" in an environmentally conscious magazine for residents of Connecticut. Who knew that so many other people in my little state cared about the planet?

Again, there was wine and interesting conversation. In fact, I met a ton of interesting people. Most of whom asked for my card. I have never had a card. Teachers don't carry "cards." Mummys don't carry "cards." Anyway, I had real conversations about what matters to me in the environment and what is on the mind of others. Very mentally refreshing.

At the launch party there was a sneaky feeling of irony. Launching an environmental magazine~luxurious paper napkins in the bathroom. Intelligent magazine employee chatting about the world~a can of aerosol hairspray in her slightly open purse. Light dinner was served~with out of season and probably not organic veggies.

Isn't that what happens in real life? You are constantly told what to do and how to do it, so you do the exact opposite. Is that what all of us "do gooders" are really doing when we talk about keeping the earth safe and healthy? Are we driving people to do the opposite?

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