Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Brushing With Poison

Very few licensed characters get through the front door of my house. I don't appreciate companies using my kids for free advertising. Here is the story of one that got by.

Each and every morning and evening I have to remind my kids to brush their teeth. I would do anything to make them want to brush their teeth more often and for longer periods of time. So one day I was at the store with Little Guy. He spied a Power Ranger toothbrush and asked for the "hero" toothbrush. Luckily he still has no idea who the Power Rangers are. I bought the toothbrush for him hoping that he would want to use it more than his boring plain toothbrush.

Fast forward to last night. I opened my email box only to receive an update from Healthy Toys is an independent toy testing website that I have blogged about before here. You can search for toys you already own, vote for the toys that will be tested next and suggest a toy to be tested. HT tests for lead, mercury, PVC/chlorine, cadmium and arsenic. Yummy!

Little Guy's toothbrush was listed as containing lead and chlorine/PVC in the face. The face? That part was getting wet, being touched by his little hands and possibly even put into his mouth. My head is still spinning!

How could any company not know exactly what they are making a child's toothbrush out of? Do their own children use this toothbrush?

Being one for solutions, off to Whole Foods Little Guy and I went. We found a brand called Preserve by Recycline.

Recycline's handles are made of 100% recycled plastic. The company has partnered with Stoneyfield Yogurt and use many of their old yogurt cups to create the handles. The brush comes in a vented traveling case. Even the paper insert is made of 100% recycled materials. Best of all, Recycline gives you a postage-paid mailer to return the used brushes and cases. The company will recycle them into new brushes. Very cool!

I am going to suggest that Healthy Toys tests these toothbrushes too, but I feel fairly certain that they will be a safer option than that scary character toothbrush.

UPDATE: I just got an email from the friendly people at Recycline. They are sending out 10 of their toothbrushes for me to give away to readers. I'll keep you posted when they come in.


Diane said...

Yikes! I'd be so freaked out. We're in need of a new toothbrush - I'll keep an eye out for your contest. How nice of Recycline!

Kelly said...

how very cool of recycline!!

Michelle said...

Awesome blog. I don't know how you keep up with all this stuff but it's inspiring to read.
Great to see you last week too!

Erikka said...

I've used those toothbrushes before and totally would again. They are small, perfect for me and my little teeth problem. My roomie found them and bought them for her, me and her boyfriend, our third roomie at the time. We all felt so socially responsible.

Erikka said...

ps. sorry about finding out that his toothbrush had bad stuff in it...might as well vow not to buy anything plastic again because it seems something is being announced as toxic every day.