Friday, December 21, 2007

These Boots Are Made For Walking

My family is lucky enough to live near a small village center. Elementary school, health food store, dentist, dance studio, get the idea.

We enjoy leaving the car in the garage and walking downtown when we can. Free exercise, uninterrupted family time and no carbon footprint. In the warmer weather we even walk to and from school on most days. It is rare, with the exception of the parades, festival and fireworks, that we ever see anyone else walking. Strange.

Today was my day to be the library helper at the school library. I also needed a few things at the health food store. So I walked.

Now comes the rant.

First, if you live on main Street and have a sidewalk in front of your house, shovel it! I do not want to take my life in my hands by walking on the main road. I don't want to arrive at school with cold and wet pant legs.

I am now the cranky old lady in the village and called the police on the two offending home owners. They promised citations. I just want the sidewalks cleared.

Next, if you see someone standing in a crosswalk stop! I can count on one hand how many people have stopped for myself and my family over the past two years when we have been standing in the crosswalks. A police officer once blew by my family as we were walking to school. Now that s sad.

I had the town install a sidewalk coming out of my neighborhood across the main road. The first of only three cars to stop at this crosswalk had a North Carolina plate. That made me laugh.

Does the state of Connecticut not include the "must stop for pedestrians in sidewalks" lesson in drivers ed? Even when my son was in the stroller I couldn't get anyone to stop. I have taken to screaming at passing cars and jumping out in front of them to give them a scare. Girlie absolutely freaks when I leap out into the road.

The entire family, including the grandparents from both sides, will be walking downtown again for the carol sing and tour of the museum. It will be dark. Wish me luck.

Rant over.


Erikka said...

Amd how about when there is slush on the ground and cars just WHIZ by, regardless of the existence of pedestrians who get SPLASHED with the said slush.

But something sort of funny about women with strollers - my man always says moms use those as blockers and sort of lances to get through where ever they want. I didn't agree until walking home one night from work, a woman with a stroller nearly drove me into oncoming traffic, even though I'd tried to move to the side for her.

GOOD LUCK with your parents night adventure!

dolphyngyrl said...

Give them hell, honey!

I may not have snow to deal with, but back when I was stroller-pushing I couldn't stand all those jerks that put their cans out on the sidewalk on garbage day. And always in the rich neighborhoods, too!

(I always pushed the stroller up onto their manicured lawns, instead of out into the street. hee hee hee.)