Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Business Doing Good

I have never been in the business world. I don't understand why people love The Office and Dilbert doesn't make me laugh. Hubby, however, is in the business world. I guess you could say that we are a good balance.

Today Hubby had a meeting at his office. Apparently meetings are long, boring and commonplace in the corporate world. One of the topics today was the client holiday gift. In the past the clients have received a gift certificate and a catalog of gifts to chose a gift from. Hubby didn't love the catalog idea. Why do a bunch of corporate executives need a $50 gift certificate for crap anyway?

Hubby came up with a more responsible, green plan!

The company is are now going to email (goodbye tree-killing catalogs) a list of three well-respected charities for the clients to choose from. When the client chooses the charity, Hubby's company will make a donation to the charity in the client's name.

Everyone wins.

Two of the charities are national and the third is a local food pantry. In this area, food pantries are really hurting for donations. This money should be a great windfall for them.

Corporate swag and holiday gifts are alive in well in the form of personalized chocolates, desk clocks, inspirational calendars and lots of other junk that will end up going almost directly into the landfills. Let's cross our fingers for the corporations to swap trash for charity.

Sorry for the Hubby gush again. I'll post soon when he screws-up and gets on my nerves. ~GG

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