Tuesday, January 22, 2008

And The After

A few readers said they were interested in seeing the after of my guest bathroom redo. Well here it is...

I used a zero VOC paint. Reused old paint brushes. Added a live plant. Freecycled the old mirror.

Now I am trying to sell my old light fixture and drawer pulls on Craig's List. The problem with the Hartford Craig's List is that it is really underused. If the light and pulls sit for too long, then I will eventually donate them.

Overall, this redo was a good balance between my yuppie and granola self.

If you are interested in reading about how this supposedly easy bathroom makeover was anything but, you can check out the original post here. How come home improvement projects are never as easy as Ty Pennington leads us to believe?


Annette said...

It looks very peaceful. You must be thankful that it's all done!

Thank you so much for the toothbrushes and the cute fabric pouch. Mine arrived just in time to take to the Youth Quake, and maybe set a good example for the girls I was chaperoning. And Katie Grace has claimed the kid's brush. Thanks again!

Erikka said...

Very nice job, Gruppie.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gruppie Girl,

Would you be interested in writing up a short post for GetWithGreen.com on the your choice of low VOC paint? Our readers would be interested...

You could include:

1) why you chose it
2) what brand, color, price
3) other paints you considered
4) how it applied to the wall
5) are you happy with it
6) a photo
7) reference your website

Just send me the text via email, and a photo and we'll run your story!