Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Get With Green Review

A few days ago the friendly guys at Get With Green asked me if I would review a zero VOC paint for their review blog. Since I recently repainted my bathroom a shade of friendly yellow, this was an easy one for me.

Get With Green is a great resource if you are planning on remodeling or building a home. Please take a minute to check out the blog and as a bonus you can see photographic evidence of just how messy of a painter I really am. Thank goodness that blogging doesn't require fine motor skills.


mamalove said...

Great timing! In the next couple of months we're transforming our garage into my new daycare room, and I was looking for an all-in-one site that shows enviro-friendly products. I love that color in your bathroom...I may have to copy it!

Erikka said...

Wow! Go you spreading your writing skills everywhere. How did you land that guest spot? For at least a year now I've wanted to promote myself for such tasks...but none seem to come to fruition.


Gruppie Girl said...

mamlove~Good luck transforming your garage. Sounds like a great space for a home daycare. Please share your photos of the completed project.

Erikka~ This particular blog contacted me. I never thought to ask where they heard about me.
I did contact another review blog recently and they got back to me with the thumbs up. Not that they will accept my review once it's written.
As my grandmummy used to say "ask and ye shall receive."
Good luck!

Diane said...

Hey, I'm hanging onto this one. We're doing some remodeling here, and we're planning a "green" home for our next house, whenever that occurs. I painted my son's room with a low VOC paint but couldn't find one without them at all.