Monday, January 28, 2008

Today I Almost Saw Hilary Clinton

No matter where your political views lie you have to agree that Hilary Rodham Clinton is an extremely intelligent and well-spoken woman. That is the big reason that Girlie and I trucked into Hartford to attend Clinton's town meeting this morning. I want her to grow-up to be a strong woman who relies on her brain.

Girlie skipped school this morning to travel with me to the town meeting. As soon as we got off at the Capitol exit in Hartford the police presence was apparent. We slowly snaked though Hartford until we found a parking spot about a block away from the town meeting. Girlie and I hopped out of the car at just 9:30, when the doors were slated to open. I don't think that anyone in Clinton's camp expected the turnout that she got.

The line was thousands of people deep and moved ever so slowly. We, of course, stood in a cold shadow. After waiting forty-five minutes or so we were all told that the venue was at capacity. Girlie and I bucked the trend and got up as close to the doors as possible. Long story short, we waited in the overflow room for some time and eventually left.

My Girlie had a question to ask Hilary Clinton. Girlie wanted to know how Ms. Clinton was going to clean-up the earth. She was a little sad that she never got her chance to ask her question. Two nice college-aged women helped Girlie feel a little better when they offered her a Clinton sticker.

Today Girlie got to see politics in action. We chatted with others in line around us. Some Clinton supporters, some not, some one the fence. We saw a few protesters. Got interviewed by a Yale student and even saw someone in handcuffs. Girlie learned more this morning than she would have at second grade this morning.

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