Saturday, January 12, 2008

The easy home improvement project

I had this nice little Saturday morning plan to spruce up my home. I was going to paint the bathroom a nice shade of yellow using zero VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint and change the mirror.

Pop goes my bubble.

My house was built two years ago. The entire interior of the house was painted with one thin coat of flat paint. I'm guessing that my builder had forgotten what it is like to live with kids. Every surface looked dirty and chipped almost immediately. Fast forward two years and the guest bathroom looks absolutely gross.

So I did my research online. I knew that I wanted to go with a zero VOC paint. The EPA has stated that indoor air quality is three times more polluted than indoor air. Conventional paints give off harmful fumes while they are wet and then they continue to release harmful toxins when dry. Conventional paint has been linked to a host of lung problems including asthma. No thank you.

I settled on Sherwin Williams Zero VOC paint because they have a location close to me. The friendly paint store man even carried the paint out to my car. (I did look rather cute that day) Friendly Yellow is a mellow shade of yellow. Neutral with just enough yellow.

The first step was to remove the plain mirror. Only it wasn't just screwed to the wall. I was glued to the wall too. Pulling the mirror off the wall was more about pulling off the wall. In thick strips.

Now we are $30 more dollars into the project and anticipate 48 hours of applying, sanding and drying mud before painting.

Does anyone else watch those DIY house flipping and home improvement shows just to get a good laugh? That karma is now biting me in the butt. Feel free to laugh at my disaster...but watch out. Karma may be waiting for you too.


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Good luck getting it all put back together. I'm sure it will be beautiful and well worth all the effort.
Looking forward to seeing the "after" photos.

Gruppie Girl said...

That's a lot of pressure Late Bloomer!

Just joking. I know that my boring guest bathroom will never be a deccorating wonder. It will (fingers crossed) just be a little nicer.

I'll post the photos as soon as I finish.