Thursday, January 10, 2008

Downward Facing Elf

Today Girlie started a yoga class at her public school. A certain friend of mine thinks this is completely hysterical. This friend also gasped when I told her about my 4 year old Little guy and what a great rock climber he is. "Shouldn't kids just play in the sandbox?" she asked. To which I mumbled, "The wall is only forty feet high".

Back when I was a naive, skinny and judgemental elementary school teacher I had a ton of views on the over scheduling children and their parents. I would have not approved of my present day self. Is there a way to go back in time and slap that old judgemental me?

My kids like scheduled activities. They beg for classes of every variety. Little Guy recently asked for a "using tools like Santa's elves class." Unfortunately they don't offer that one in my town.

As a family we try to be active. Hike, swim, golf, play basketball and just play outside. The kids also have a lot of time on their own just to run and explore in the backyard. We are happy.

For now I'm going to let the kids try violin, skiing, hip hop or whatever we can comfortably manage. And just as importantly, I'm going to work on being so judgemental of other parents.

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dolphyngyrl said...

There's a difference between letting your kids grow and learn and making your kids have a full schedule. Some parents do it for their kids, and some parents do it for themselves.

It's much better when you do it for you kids.