Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Would You Eat A Clone?

The FDA in all of their wisdom has publicly declared that eating food from cloned animals and their offspring is safe. cloned meat

Does this news make anyone else’s head start to spin? What are the implications? We modify the genes of animals then we eat their meat or drink their milk. What happens to our genes? Our bodies?

I don’t have a ton of scientific facts and figures yet. I do have this feeling in my mummy gut that consuming cloned animals is wrong for our bodies.

Back in middle school I read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. The Jungle is a graphic book about the slaughterhouses in Chicago. Ever since that book, meat has always made me more than a little queasy.

Presently my meat consumption is relatively low. This may be the news that pushes me over the edge to vegetarianism.

So how do I get unlazy and do this for my family? Maybe I can set a goal of preparing three meatless dinners per week for the family? That seems doable. Then I can gradually step-up as I become more educated.

Recently I did find a blog with vegetarian recipes. That should help. If there was a vegetarian restaurant close by that would be a huge help in introducing me to new foods. No such luck there.

All of this talk about cloning makes me wonder if this will also open eyes on just how much of our food supply is now genetically modified. Will others start to ask questions and begin to refuse to buy?


Diane said...

I know, can you believe this??? My husband actually emailed a local dairy to see what their plans are as far as introducing cloned cows because he still likes a little milk every now and then. We only eat meat on weekends, and we discussed dropping it altogether last night. We'd both like to, but I guess it's that final step. Try for some great, great recipes. There are tons out there.
P.S. Got my toothbrushes today - thanks! They were packaged so cute too! :)

Erikka said...

Hi Gruppie! I got my toothbrushes, thank you so much. I love the little bag and ribbon. Such a little touch can make something so special.

As for cloned meat, I saw that on the 6:30 news last night and could not believe the reporters were talking about it so this happens every day that we eat something comepletely genetically altered and modified by humans.

I don't have facts either, but I'm going with my instinct that this looks, sounds, and feels wrong.

Here's a vegan site if you're interested, and all those can be modified to be just vegetarian as well =


Erikka said...

ps. I've wanted to do this for a while now, but you have prompted me into action! Thanks! I've decided to post links to cooking, clothing, and home goods places that support sustainable practices, organic ingredients, etc...on my blog. Check it out some time and pass the word along.

dolphyngyrl said...

Check out asian restaurants (chinese, japanese, thai or vietnamese if you can get it). A lot of times they care vegetarian food, but they're not "vegetarian restaurants".

Try the books "How it all Vegan" and "Garden of Vegan". Vegetarian isn't that hard, really! It just takes a little readjustment of what you expect your plate to look like at mealtime.

I got the toothbrushes, thank you! I loved the bag, and I'll be using it when I mail out my first prize package, because everything will fit perfectly inside! Yay! :)

dolphyngyrl said...

PS to Erikka - I'll be checking that out, but not right now because I'm supposed to be putting on makeup rightthisverysecond.


Ruth Dynamite said...

Ew. What are we humans thinking?