Thursday, January 17, 2008

History Lesson with Abby

Now that my Gilrlie has grown out of little girlie sizes, it has been tough finding cute and appropriate clothing for her. It is almost like clothing retailers think that after kids pass that size 5 mark they should be dressing like teenagers. Even the organic tee companies with the great sayings have forgotten the elementary school set.

One day I was surfing around when I found the cutest screeenprinted Abigail Adams shirt. Just like the rest of the retailers, this etsy artist only advertised the shirt in sizes 2 through 6. My Girlie usually wears a 10 in tee shirts. I emailed the artist and she agreed to make a size 10 Abigail Adams shirt for girlie.

When the shirt arrived, Girlie and I sat down together to find out more about old Abby Adams. Turns out she grew-up near where I grew-up. She wasn't formally educated, but was very smart. Abby was very outspoken when it came to woman's rights. Particularly for more opportunities for women in education. Abby spoke out against slavery. Pretty cool for the late 1700's!

Just as many of us wives realize to be true today, it is believed that Abigail had a lot of influence over her husband's decisions during his presidency.

My Gilrie proudly wears her Abigail Adams shirt often. Take that Barbie and Bratz! Take that Hannah and Zach!


dolphyngyrl said...

Personally, I love the thrift stores for Monkey Do. I've found that she fits pretty good right now in tees that are in juniors size small or medium. Particularly the baby doll or "fitted" style shirts.

We scored pretty good right at the beginning of the school year and got lots of really cute shirts for her. We even scored a mock turtleneck tank top with birds (I think) painted on it.

And not one single Bratz or Barbie shirt! Although she does have TinkerBell, the green Care Bear, SuperGirl, and a couple others that I don't remember (curious george?). Oh, and that monkey guy that started at Target and then got too big for his britches. I hear he's all the rage. She's got quite a collection of his shirts, and only one's from Target! The rest are from thrift stores.

Erikka said...

Rock on for finding such a gem. Now your daughter will not only be stylish and cool, she'll be educating people if they ask "Who the heck is on your shirt?"

Ruth Dynamite said...

I want an Abigail Adams shirt too!

Very cool. And yes, it's so hard to find appropriate clothing for girls.