Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Keywords Make Me Laugh

A few months ago I learned about this stalker software that you can attach to your blog. "Stalker software" isn't the real name of the software, but that's what it feels like.

Anyway, I can't really figure out how to use most of this software. When I click on my blog it sometimes shows up like I live in Massachusetts. Sometimes nothing shows up.

I can create a map of where my readers may or may not live. That is pretty cool. It's been a great geography lesson for me. Can anyone else point to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia?

This software also displays the key word searches that allow new people to find Gruppie Girl. The key word searches can be both hysterical and disturbing. Here are a few of the recent keywords;

"i heart pie" The person who searched this one must really love pie. Maybe they made a squash pie after reading my post?

"big girlies" is an example of the disturbing. I don't want to know what they were looking for with this one.

"how to fix a stuck pull chain" Sorry, but no advice here. I pull on the ceiling fan chain once in the fall to make the ceiling fan travel clockwise and once in the summer to change the direction to counterclockwise.

"recycline toothbrushes" this search may be one of the only searches that brought the googler to any real information on my blog.

"free compost bins Connecticut" I wish. If this reader find out that they are giving away free compost bins, please let me know. I could use another one.

"smooze" I'm really not good at this one. What's you sign baby?

"green parents" Mine are trying. Mummy brought her handmade pear bag to Target last week.

"gruppie" Maybe I'm not alone out there. Could there be other gruppies?

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Erikka said...

i want to stalk my readers! please share how. :)