Monday, January 7, 2008

Calling All Freegans

Have you heard about the people who are calling themselves "freegans?" Freegans are people who choose to scavenge for food in cities. They refuse to pay for food. They live off of our perfectly good food that we cast away.

My hat is off the freegans. It is a lifestyle that I could never follow, but certainly admire. Maybe I could support a freegan or two?

My cabinets are dark and deep. My fridge is tangled with baking soda, lettuce and too many bottled drinks. I loose food all of the time.

Sitting in the front of my pantry are the easy to grab kids snacks like brown rice cakes, sunflower seeds and FruitaBu to name a few. Behind the healthy/easy kids snacks hides the rest of the dry goods type of food. The rice, muffin mix, bread crumbs and raisins may never see daylight. I need to find a way not to let this food spoil and be wasted.

The fridge situation is even more dire than the pantry. If I could come up with a creative way to use 1/4 of a can of whipped cream leftover from Christmas, a cup of chicken stock, lettuce, two eggs and whatever else is growing in there then I would be a total Martha. Don't even mention the leftovers. Why can't I get anyone in this house, including me, to eat the leftovers? All of that food will go to waste. Every time I make a trip to the compost bin with wilted veggies I feel a pang of guilt.

Please help me get the word out to all of the freegans in Connecticut. Feel free to come raid my fridge. I'm trying my best. I know that you can be more creative than me.

You have already seen a photo of my freezer. Why not the pantry too.


Erikka said...

Gruppie, that does not look too crazy or full in there.

I saw a news segment on tv about this CEO lady who started the freegan movement in NYC. Did you see that too?

Gruppie Girl said...

You should see what is lurking behind...those cabinets are deep I tell you.

I wish that I saw the segment profiling the CEO who started the freegan movement. Sounds interesting. The show I saw showed a bunch of different freegans and interviewd them on the whys and hows of freeganism.

Jenny said...

Well I respect the freegan movement and what it stands for, I have no interest in partaking. My best effort will be not to waste too much food in my kitchen and that's as good as it'll get.